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Fitness in 2017: Apple Watch, Running and more

Its almost customary for all to have a health and fitness resolution in their bundle of new year’s resolutions. Yet, its hard to keep up with them. 2017 is going to different. Apple Watches and Fitbits have been the biggest gifts of Christmas last year. Exercising regularly sounds really good but, is very difficult to execute. All we need is a slight push every time until the exercise becomes a part of our daily routine that we cant live without.

Fitness tracking is a method of tracking your tracking your motion and in turn, exercise. Most of the apps and wearables we use today track the data automatically making it very easy. There are tons of applications out there which range from runs to various different forms of exercise.


The Apple Watch is great for running to help with music and keep track of runs! It syncs some really useful data from your run to the iPhone.

Running is an easy exercise to start of with. It takes quite a bit of training to go in for a 5k or so, having spent of most of 2016 on a couch. To continue with a routine of running, we need proper structured training. Thankfully, the Apple Watch assumes the role of your coach in this case and gives us day by day target for optimum results. We also have apps like Strava, Nike+ and couch 5k to help us out here.

Mobile and Devices

Instant– Automatically keep track of the time spent on fitness activities, on your phone, while travelling, at places & while sleeping. 

If you’re like me and just love going for long runs with the target of only beating the previous distance or previous time, things become a little more exciting. There’s a lot more enthusiasm before the run for shattering the present target. Some of the best apps for this are Nike+ running, Charity Miles (one of the most creative concepts I’ve come across).

Running on a treadmill can get quite boring sometimes. RunSocial is an awesome app for the same. It gives you 3D avatars of your self running through interesting places. It also stores the workout data for future reference. The most important part about getting fit is improving. To get better, we have to keep track of previous results. Graphs are a great way to see the progress per day and help us understand without even having to read the data.

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