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Expectations from the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 2 launched in 2016 with new features like GPS, dual-core processor, water resistance, etc. It was a big update to make the smartwatch useful for runs, swims and independent apps. There are many expectations from the Apple Watch Series 3, especially after the new Android Wear 2 update and independent sim-compatible smartwatches.

Physical Look

Not much of a change is expected in terms of appearance of the watch but there are chances for more options in terms of the display. There can be a major improvement in screen and the body might get a little slimmer. Also there are rumours of Apple following their competitors and launching a circular display besides the traditional square one.

Moreover, people are looking for a  better LED display which will perk up brightness and resolution, it will probably have a micro LED panel thinner than before so that there’s no need of back lighting like we have in Series 2. Rumours also say that Apple might add array of pixel column and row as it will help in minimise crowding and save space. One major concern has also been the screen being black most of the time, this act as a hindrance when it comes to interactivity.


LTE Support

Apple Watch Space Grey

The most buzzing question about the new watch is whether it will have the LTE support or not? This means there might be a SIM card slot! The main purpose behind this is to make it a standalone watch. Imagine how amazing it would be to make/receive phone calls, send messages, access cloud services that too without carrying the iPhone along. No more using the Bluetooth or wi-fi to stay connected to the phone and no need to keep your watch near the phone for the same. Adding LTE feature will also let the user’s stream Apple Music over the internet to the watch and this will help in reducing the hours taken to sync music from iPhone to the watch which needs a good wi-fi connection. Less dependency on the iPhone will definitely be a treat for people.

Battery life

Battery life is a major concern for this upcoming watch because if the rumor of the LTE feature stands true then an excellent battery life is a must and this is what makes it a big concern for Apple if the watch is standalone. According to a report, Quanta Computer will be working on the battery life of the watch and they will be more focused on improving the battery life and its performance. In series 2, battery becomes a bit of a problem when it comes to tracking sleep because the users usually charge their watch during the night so a little improvement in this area will work well, nevertheless there are chances of Apple launching a new wireless charging along with Series 3.

Multi-Function Strap

Apple Watch modular

There are chances of Apple ruminating over a new modular strap which will help in shifting some mechanizations from the watch to the straps. This new model will help in improving the battery life as a bigger battery could be integrated in the strap of the watch. This strap could be charged with the same charger as of the watch. Apart from battery improvement the band could have other features too involving the health sensors and activity tracking.

People are keenly looking out for new Apple Watch 3 to reduce dependency on our iPhone. It might have 4GB and 8GB models, which will let runner enthusiast work out without having to the carry the iPhone along. We can also expect Series 3 to have more straps and display options, have a FaceTime camera, possibly bring Apple watch and Air pods closer, wireless charging and Touch ID which will help in saving time spent on entering the passcode every time. We are expecting the release of Series 3 somewhere in late 2017 so let’s hope the new watch surprises us with some great revamp.

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