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Email reinvented?

I just got home from China and Google is back in the news again with their new Email client Inbox. Lucky enough to have gotten an invite, I decided to give it a shot. Its good to see that Google has pretty much finally nailed design with their ever so awesome web services.

So Inbox wants to improve the email experience for users since we spend so much time on it. It has given Email a much more casual yet practical feel breaking away from the standard paradigm. Inbox is a content focussed email client for iOS, Android and Google Chrome, it aims to help you go through your inbox in a more practical manner and get through your email quicker. Here are some ways Inbox is achieving this:

Bundles– Emails are collected in bundles like travel, promos or any custom bundle can be created to organise relevant content together.

Highlights– Mails are parsed and through data mining relevant details are shown as a highlight like with flight info collected through the Internet. All this information available without opening the email.

Reminders– Google’s contextual reminders are integrated within the app.

Snooze– Mails can be snoozed to a future time or place to keep things moving.

My personal take on Inbox is that I need a more integrated app with my other accounts, but its great to see so much context coming into an Email client. Google may probably bring multiple accounts in future releases. Its exciting to see a contextual app with great material design out there.

One of the honest reasons why I was so interested in Inbox is because, initially there were for plans for taking Emberify to be another email startup. It wouldn’t have been a good day today if I chose that path.

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