Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Achieving your 2017 goals with lifelogging apps

As we head into the New Year, lifelogging apps and services like Fitbit are topping the App Store. To reach your fitness, productivity and health goals in 2017, lifelogging apps on your phone can be of great assistance. Here is how you can start achieving your New Year goals with lifelogging apps.

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Nivedit Majumdar Nivedit Majumdar

The State of Quantified Self in 2016

We’re heading into the last couple of weeks of 2016, and this has been a pretty significant year for the Quantified Self. From the leaders in the wearable market seeing unprecedented losses, to a big merger some weeks back, to a spectacle that made lifelogging sexy again: we’ve seen it all this year.

Looking back, the numbers really tell a story. A story where some areas might be plateauing out, but at the same time creating areas for other aspects of the Quantified Self. And these trendlines shall form the crux of this article, as this author rewinds things by a year so that we can see everything from a bigger perspective – panning out over the twelve months of 2016!

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Kartik Chaudhari Kartik Chaudhari

How health apps are helping us live longer

We are more reliant on our smartphones than ever for our day to day lives. We are also dependant on our mobile phones for keeping us fit and tracking our health. Today, we can check various stats and parameters in a single glance of our phone at any time, any place. So, how does it exactly help us live longer?
We tend to ignore our health quite a bit on a daily aspect, especially in the working and student phases of our life. We end up going into a bad sleeping pattern, eating tons of junk food, sitting for long periods of time and as a result end up taking a lot of stress. What we don’t realise is, all of them are interconnected and we end up falling into a vicious cycle where we damage our body quite a bit.Read More