Nivedit Majumdar Nivedit Majumdar

Google I/O 2018 and Android’s new Digital Wellbeing

I/O 2018 kicked off a couple of days back, and the most significant announcements came in the form of Google Duplex and Assistant, a smarter Gmail, and Android P. However, perhaps the most relevant headliner of I/O for me was Google’s take on Digital Well-Being, that brings with it app usage tracking, and alerts reminding you to take a break. Read More

Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

The Future of Addictive Technology

We all have been looking at who to blame for the smartphone addiction problem. Is it really Apple’s fault for making the iPhone an essential lifestyle product or is it Facebook’s fault for building a really engaging app? Keeping users hooked (engaged) is one of the biggest goals or Key Performance Indicator’s for most of the tech companies. Every product designer is looking how they can employ simple feedback loops that can trigger hits of dopamine, making users addicted to their app.

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Kartik Chaudhari Kartik Chaudhari

Productivity Hacks to make more time in a day

Productivity is a dreaded term that makes most of us common people tremble in knees. This is probably because we are distracted as ever and have the lost the willpower to stick to any work. Often we just end up dragging the work along never really completing it in time and then feel guilty. Very very Guilty! It’s about time we realise that everything we plan to do in a specified time, must be done. Here are some productivity hacks I have been studying about, making us stick to our goals.

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