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Boost productivity with automatic time-tracking in 2017

As the new year comes in, we try to improve and set goals for the new year. Most of us end up taking up resolutions that we can’t keep. This is mainly because of lack of time management. Time tracking can really help us out here. Time tracking is basically keeping a track of how much time we spend on an activity to give us insight into our day so we can boost productivity. Time-tracking has become really simple with ample of apps out there.

Time tracking helps us understand where we are bleeding time and help fix that. After tracking a whole day we understand how much time we spend and where exactly. The main advantage of doing this is that it helps us understand our daily routine and even helps us understand to how to reorganize our daily activities for optimal productivity.

Most of the times, we end up losing a lot of time on productivity killers like excessive social media usage, brainy work post-lunch hours, etc. Seeing the amount of time we spend in a day just for these kinds of activities tells how much time we could free up in a day. Also, it helps us understand how much excessive time we spend behind a very essential and daily task which could actually be done in a much lower amount of time. Now that we understand how useful time tracking is, its time to see how to go about time tracking.

Time tracking can be done either manually or automatically. Time tracking done automatically is very convenient and easier to stick to. In manual time tracking, recording the time consumed by a task itself becomes a task. We are bound to forget to record the time taken by a particular activity.  Automatic tracking in comparison can relieve you of all this stress and by carrying out the tracking as without requiring your attention. Basically, all you have to do is review to understand your daily routine.

I have been using Instant by Emberify to time-track automatically on my phone. Most of us end up losing a lot of time on our phones. Instant shows us the amount of time you spent in a day using the phone and lets you set a limit with a notification. Instant also tells us how much time you spend at a location by tracking it automatically and also the travel time in the whole process. It automatically keeps track of the amount of time we sleep too. This is a very important feature because, we end up spending a very large part of our day sleeping and many times, oversleeping. It tracks your fitness activities too which is great to boost productivity and keep you healthy.

The most important part of time tracking is not just reviewing the data collected but, improving on it too. A great way too see that is using data visualisations. Instant for example shows all the data collected in the form of graphs to see the progress made on the time spent on the various tasks. Instant also has a chatbot coach that gives you insight into your time. Instant is available on the App Store & Google Play.

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