Sania Sania

Benefits of Self-Tracking for Employees at their Workplace

Smartphones have made self-tracking easy and accessible to the masses. With new wellness software improving employee health & productivity it is taking over the workplace. Self-tracking of how the individual devotes his or her effort put forwards a mirror to every employee. In the era of digitisation, minute changes in work habits can lead the employees towards greater fulfilment and success at work. You might be amazed to explore several ways wearable can be a helpful tool for your organisation.


Employee Health

A major reason why an organisation should introduce wearable to their employees is to monitor and track their health and improve the same. It will benefit the company in many ways like reducing employee’s visits to the doctor/hospital, bring down employee sickness days and their productivity level due to ill health, alongside it reduces health care cost too. Adhering to it will assist in reducing the loss in output of employees due to poor health in workplace and making a good return out of your investment in well being of the workers.

Time Management

Wearable can assist you and your employee in time management using perfect mix of apps and devices that lets you track when employees arrive and depart and how well are they managing schedules. Refined time management systems have multi-level job costing to group the way employees spend their time during work and they can also provide with the optimal time required to do a job thus reducing time wastage.

Self-Managed Employees

Wearables significantly can help employees in handling their tasks without presence of manager who constantly reminds them of their routine. When an employee starts a particular task, he logs in the device and starts the task timer; the manager gets an update or notification on his device or phone. As the employee is done with this task or plans to switch to another, then too an update is sent notifying the end of one task and the beginning of another. This way a manager can monitor their employee without actually being there.

Real-time Communication

Every individual has an urge to instantly check their social media accounts while they are referring to work-related emails, making smart phones a big distraction. But wearable like a smart watch can be less distracting as the employees can simply read the message you send and get right back to work. During a meeting, the employees can access necessary information using their wearable and respond to it in real time.

Understanding of Data

Your employees will be able to gather enough data which will help in determining ideal working manner, start times and working environments that will assure you in maximising health and productivity. Well being of an employee will enhance their productivity level which in turn will help in goal attainment bringing success therefore one must give it a thought.

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