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Bedtime: How the new iOS 10 & iPhone is helping you sleep better

The iPhone has become so much more than just a communication device. With all the sensors and software bundled into it, the iPhone has become a part of our lifestyle. The latest iOS 10 came in with a bunch of new features. Sleep tracking is now a part of the clock app called Bedtime mode! Also, the Health app now has a dedicated section for your sleep data.

Understanding Bedtime


Bedtime mode in the clock app lets you setup your sleeping time and wake up time. You can even customise it for different days of the week. It gives you a daily reminder to sleep on time so that you can have a more consistent sleep schedule. This way you will feel more rested when you wake up every morning. The bedtime mode in your iPhone also keeps track of your sleep with these reminder alarms.  While, these alarms are great to get consistent sleep, it may not be perfect to track sleep.

To automatically track your sleep durations without entering anything manually, you can try Instant. Instant keeps track of your sleep time automatically based on the motion of your iPhone. You can even get reports like the time you slept, the time you woke up, your sleep duration, average sleep cycles and more. Instant is available on the App Store & Google Play.

Mobile and Devices

Tracking Sleep with the Health App

Sleep iPhone Flat

The Health app keeps store all your sleep data from the bedtime alarms. It also gets data from other third-party apps & wearables like the Apple Watch. Getting all your data in one place with visual graphs helps form better sleep routines.


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