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Automatic & Customisable Journal app, Journaly launched for the iPhone

Today we released Journaly for the iPhone! Journaly is a completely customisable & automatic Journalling app.

Customise: Make your Journal personal

With Journaly, you can add fields to journal specific things that you are interested in. Like for example ‘How many cups of coffee did I drink today?’ or ‘How I felt after meditation’ or ‘How was my day at work’… You can customise Journaly to make it a more immersive & active journalling experience.

Automatic: Don’t miss a day, even if you forget to journal

With auto journalling, Journaly automatically adds a journal entry if your forget to. Journaly can automatically add your place, weather, sleep, activity, travel time and even a photo from the day!


Journaly screens


We have designed Journaly more like a combination of an active & passive lifelogging app. This adds more context while Journalling, also making it more immersive at the same time. Journaly is available for the iPhone on the App Store and for the Mac on the Mac App Store.

For more information on Journaly: