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Apple Watch- A modular wearable?

The new Apple Watch series 2 managed to get some major traction in the smartwatch market. (Although it is not nearly as much as Apple would like) It makes a great tool to track swims, workouts, activity, sleep and heart rate. In the past few months we have seen some really interesting smart bands for the Apple Watch which are expanding it into a modular tracking device.


CMRA modular Apple Watch

A portable camera on the Apple Watch? With the CMRA band, you can add 2 cameras to your Apple Watch to lifelog or even video chat! Maybe the watch form factor isn’t as convenient as Snap Spectacles, but still a useful way to take photos/videos from your wrist. It isn’t the first smartwatch concept with a camera, the Samsung Gear 2 had this couple of years back as well.


Mobile and Devices

Instant-Automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities


BACtrack Skyn


The BACtrack Skyn is a Apple Watch band that continuously monitors your alcohol level! It is passive and real-time. It can notify you when to stop drinking with the Apple Watch.

The Apple Patent

Apple Watch modular


Earlier last year Apple patented “Modular functional band links for wearable devices”, hinting at making modular smart bands. The design proposes to work as modular ‘links’ on the band, multiple links can be connected physically in parallel. It will be interesting to see what sensors can be further added to the Apple Watch with the band mostly targeted at niches.

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