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Apple Watch 3: Independent Cellular Connected Wearable

We have been discussing about the major advantages of the new generation of cellular connected wearables, like the Samsung Gear S3 and the Huawei Watch 2. Reports seem to indicate that the Apple Watch 4 will have a cellular model. This will allow Apple Watch users to use their new watches independent of the iPhone.

– Bloomberg News reports seem to indicate Apple is having issues managing the battery with the LTE chip. User’s already are having issues around battery life considering the GPS chip they added in the Apple Watch 3.

– It looks that there will be options available, where only the high end Watch model will only have the LTE capability.

– In terms of functionality, watchOS 4 could support it through direct Siri integration for a better user experience. Usually people have the phone on them most of the time but places like the gym, being on a run, at the pool or at beach can be great use cases for the independent Apple Watch.


Since this is a niche use case at the moment, it will be interesting to see how Apple pitches it to the consumer and how they’ll manage the battery limitations. With the launch of AirPods, the new independent Apple Watch 4 can be a great device for runs. Though, we are quite sure that even the independent smartwatch isn’t going to be replacing the smartphone anytime in the future. For most consumers, smartwatches currently lack battery life and need more sensors to be valuable.

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