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Apple pushing the Quantified Self at WWDC

Apple pushed forward the Quantified Self envelope this WWDC with their Watch OS 3. From taking the activity app social to tracking activity for wheelchair users. They also introduced the activity rings integration as a watch face and a new Health app called Breath.

Apple is one company that always keeps accessibility in mind. They worked with over 300 people in wheelchairs at Lakeshore Foundation of Birmingham, Alabama, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation of San Diego. They managed to create a model to track fitness mechanics for various techniques to push the wheelchair.


With watchOS 3, the activity app is now social with the ability to share results with friends and family. This will make the entire fitness experience more competitive and motivates people to be more active. For people on wheelchairs they now track time standing and time to roll.

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Breath is a new health App by Apple. This is meant to bring the breathing pattern under control and help with relaxation. Users can set the time they want to carry out the process for. The application assists using visual or haptic feedback.



Developers can now use background apps on the watch to track gyroscope movements. This opens up a lot of scope in tracking our data and invites for newer applications to track data. The accuracy & variety of data obtained by third party apps will be much better. Especially background mode will make apps more independent and be able to track the user’s life in more detail.

Overall with Watch OS 3 Apple seems to be understanding useful smartwatch experiences and investing in them. Health and fitness seems to be the primary area where the Apple Watch is excelling. It will be interesting to see the third party apps rolling out by the end of the year using the new Watch OS 3 APIs.