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Quantified Healthcare with Apple’s new CareKit

Apple yesterday unveiled its CareKit framework to help developers build advance health apps, to allow users to track their medical conditions in a more organised way. The CareKit software framework makes it easier for developers to create a better experience for people to understand their health and provide insights based on it. This is a really big step in Quantified Healthcare.

Use cases for CareKit

– Log medicines & exercises

– Track care plans

– Keep track of symptoms using surveys, photos and data from phone sensors

– Get insights on a dashboard to understand if the medications & treatment is effective

– Share data with doctors & relatives


Privacy & Security will be key

The app will be similar to the current Health app that cumulates all the user’s health data. The CareKit app will provide a consolidated place for healthcare apps to sync the user data. This is welcomed, since it is always better for developers and users to have a standardised experience for apps based on user data. It will also be efficient & easier for healthcare professionals to interact with the user tracked data. Apple is also going to be focussing on security and privacy features to protect this sensitive data. With about one in ten people in the U.S. having diabetes, this app will definitely have a mass appeal as well. It can cover a variety of diseases & health conditions like Parkinson’s, maternal health, post-surgery recovery, etc.


CareKit leading to innovation in the Quantified Healthcare space

It is also interesting to see that CareKit is an Open Source framework. Many healthcare companies, & research organisations have already started adopting CareKit. Like Glow Inc., is using CareKit to help guide women with a healthier pregnancy. With improved connectivity there is lots of room for innovation in the healthcare space. It will be exciting to see collaborations between the medical community and developers. CareKit is a start of Quantified Healthcare being made available to the masses. It will be available to developers in the spring of 2016.

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