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App Market Trends: Spotlight on Categories

An integral part of mobile devices today is the support from the app ecosystem. Now while there are various app markets and stores for the wide gamut of platforms and operating systems, it is quite interesting to note the categories of the applications listed.

I’ve done a similar piece previously, which focused on the numbers in the app market fray: Which store had most apps, and their revenue models. In this piece, I talk about the categories within the App markets.


To give an overview of things, let’s look at the numbers.

(Data Source: Statista)

Android happens to be the most popular platform as far as the number of applications are concerned, and the data from May 2015 shows the Android store leading the table with over 1.5 million applications in its database, at the disposal of Android users.

iOS is not far behind either, and the Apple App store comes in at a close second at over 1.4 million applications available to Apple device users.

It is quite interesting to note that BlackBerry device users can actually access Android applications, the Amazon App Store as well as BlackBerry world on their BlackBerry devices. Nonetheless, the number of applications in the Amazon and BlackBerry market are quite meagre in comparison to the huge numbers that we see on the most popular app markets.


Coming to the categories now, quite a few observations can be made regarding the consumer mentality by assessing the number of downloads and installs per category. In this regard, here are some stats.


(Data Source: Statista)

Games are leading in the consumer interest levels, with over 41% of total application installs falling in the category. Social Networking applications account for 5% – with main applications being Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. (If you want a better idea, I’ve actually covered some stats on social networks here).


(Data Source: Statista)

A similar picture can be seen here too. Games are at the top of the charts, with Social Networking apps accounting for 6% of the total downloads. Interesting to note in this regard is the number of Lifestyle Applications that have been installed, which account for the same figures as that of Social Networking.

I predict a rise in this particular number, and soon, with wearable devices and health monitors becoming dirt cheap, lifestyle monitoring apps (such as our very own Instant!) will become extremely popular in the near future.


(Data Source: Statista)


The Amazon App store is definitely not in the same league as the bigger Google and Apple App stores, but it holds its stance well. Games accounted for over 61% of the total downloads and installs, while Entertainment centric applications accounted for 10%.


The scenario for 2015 presents a very broad overview of what are the application categories out there.

For example, here’s the detailed overview of the Apple App Store categories, for the month of March 2015.

(Data Source: Statista)

Yes, yes, games are leading the list here too. But the Sports and Health and Fitness categories are the intriguing factors. Like I’ve said before, there’s a rise in the number of cheap wearable devices out there. So these two categories will expect a huge growth in the near future.


To gain a perspective on which types of applications can be developed, it is interesting to note the general trend of the consumer too. Keeping the factors of OEM involvement, wearable development as well as the reducing costs in mind, I am quite sure that there will be a growth of interest in applications which aim at monitoring stats as well as increasing the productivity of the users.

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