Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Android Lollipop for app developers

Google announced Android 5.0 earlier this year at Google I/O with 5000 new APIs for developers. Today they officially announced to bring Android 5.0 as lollipop with the Nexus 6 (with Motorola), Nexus 9 (with HTC) and the Nexus Player (with ASUS).
This is big news for developers. With the new elegant Material Design it will be great to see how current apps evolve to the new standards with shadows, new transitions and better animations. With the new visual refresh  it will be nice to see apps look more consistent to the UI guidelines. This is something that will be pretty appealing to users as well.

Android Runtime(ART) is bringing ahead of time compilation, improved garbage collection and improved debugging which will really enhance the performance of the java code. Lockscreen notifications will also be good to see, another place where Android has caught up with iOS. Project Volta has also be brough forward with Android L to help with energy efficiency since battery technologies are stagnant as of now.

With increasing Enterprise support to take away BlackBerry’s foothold, Google also announced Managed Provisions and Task locking for developers to implement in their apps.

The biggest thing according to me will be the direct linking to apps from google searches. Now developers can directly bring users to their apps rather than a landing page. It is an evolutionary process of Web to Mobile which Google is now embracing. Apart from all these exciting APIs I can’t wait to get a selfie with the Android Lollipop statue at the Googleplex!