Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

AI: The magical wearable experience

Google announced two new wearables today. Pixel Buds & Google Clips were announced at Google’s Pixel 2 launch event. With voice becoming an important platform for users to interact with their digital world, these wireless ear buds make perfect sense. But more than an added convenience, Pixel Buds actually have an essential use case. Real-time language translation.

Imagine you’re in Tokyo and can’t speak fluent Japanese. The Pixel Buds can translate Japanese to English in real-time when someone is speaking to you. Then, you can speak into it and using your phone’s speaker, Google will convert your English speech to Japanese. Basically making conversation possible without any language barriers. This is a magical wearable use-case made possible thanks to AI. Apart from this innovative feature, it integrates with Google Assistant that seems more powerful than ever with an expanded set of capabilities.

After couple of new wearable cameras launched this year, Google finally came up with their own Google Clips. Improving on the lifelogging experience using AI. Apart from the manual photo click button, Google Clips automatically takes photos & videos throughout the day when it detects a face or any “interesting” object like your pet. It uses a low energy bluetooth to sync these memories to your device. Google has worked hard to get their Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tech to enhance their photos experience. Especially the photo search makes it easier than ever to manage tens of thousands of photos on the cloud. With these handy AI features, Google’s Clips makes the other wearable clips in the market obsolete. Not sure how big the market is for such a device, but it will definitely see some takers who would like this product for their babies or pets.

Google has definitely taken a lead in the wearable and IoT market thanks to its well developed AI solutions giving an edge to their devices. Voice seems to be maturing well as a platform and definitely can be seen as the user experience of the future. One thing is clear with this launch, Google is going all out on it’s AI tech and Apple is trying to follow by investing in their Siri team. The next battlefield between tech companies isn’t software or hardware, it is AI.