Shashwat Pradhan Shashwat Pradhan

Achieving your 2017 goals with lifelogging apps

As we head into the New Year, lifelogging apps and services like Fitbit are topping the App Store. To reach your fitness, productivity and health goals in 2017, lifelogging apps on your phone can be of great assistance. Here is how you can start achieving your New Year goals with lifelogging apps.

1 Track

You need to get into the habit of effectively tracking the things in your life that you would like to improve or change. You can start tracking things like your time spent on various activities like your phone, at places, while sleeping, on fitness activities and also other personal things like mood & habits. You can either use automatic lifelogging apps like Instant to track your activities or manual Journalling apps like Journaly that lets you add from notes to mood to photos, and is customisable.

Once you start tracking your habits and behaviour it will become easier to analyse the problems and work on them.

2 Understand

Once you have started tracking your data you can analyse the data to better understand yourself. Automatic lifelogging apps like Instant provide you with weekly reports and a digital coach to help you understand your trends. That can be a great place to start from. If you are spending time journalling your life, you can go through past entries and correlate data. Like for example, what you did on the days that your mood was good or what went wrong on days that your productivity was less.

3 Make changes

Now that you’ve learnt more about your habits, mood and time you can easily make changes to optimise your life. You can start focussing on easy things like cutting small bad habits and improve productivity by reducing activities that are taking too much of your time. You can also keep track of your fitness goals and improving them with short walks throughout the day. Tracking these small changes with your lifelogging apps will motivate you and keep you going throughout the year. Hope you have a great 2017!