Heart Rate Tracking in 2018: Wearables, Neural Networks & mHealth

Surely, there’s an upper limit to the information that can be gleaned from one parameter? Heart rate data, for all this time, has proven to be beneficial in providing data regarding a person’s blood flow and heart conditions. But then, there’s the work Cardiogram is doing. Through intensive heart rate tracking, which takes into account […]

Wearable Cameras: Will lifelogging become cool (again) in 2018?

So here’s the thing with wearables in general. When a new one is introduced, it comes with the prospects of new applications and improved use cases. In the consumer oriented space, things might seem to get boring after a while – a smart watch as a notifier might not really be worth it. In the […]

Wearable camera roundup: FrontRow & Shonin

Wearable cameras like the Narrative Clip & GoPro did see limited success. Recently, the original Narrative Clip company shutdown and GoPro had significant losses last quarter. The wearable camera market might seem like a niche market to an extent. Interestingly recently launched wearable cameras- FrontRow camera & Shonin Streamcam go beyond lifelogging.