How Instant is turning smartphones into automatic time trackers!

Time tracking is one of the key productivity hacks. To make an extra hour out of your day, it is crucial to understand how you currently use your time everyday. Millions of smartphone users time track every year using various apps. A major percentage of them always give up due to the limitation of manually entering […]

Apple Watch Series 2: The next frontier in Fitness Trackers?

The last few years has seen an onslaught of fitness trackers and wearables being introduced in the market, with most companies getting their equations right in the form of a balance between functionality and features. But talk about the most hyped wearable out there, and you’ll invariably end up talking about the Apple Watch.

Heart Rate Tracking in 2018: Wearables, Neural Networks & mHealth

Surely, there’s an upper limit to the information that can be gleaned from one parameter? Heart rate data, for all this time, has proven to be beneficial in providing data regarding a person’s blood flow and heart conditions. But then, there’s the work Cardiogram is doing. Through intensive heart rate tracking, which takes into account […]

What does the future of sports tech look like? Impressions from CES

CES 2018 drew to a close a couple of weeks back, and the spotlight was on Artificial Intelligence, smart cars, and random gadgets which forced us to raise an eyebrow and ask, “Why even?”. But more interestingly, the future of sports and fitness tech was showcased in the form of new sensors and trackers. Gamification […]

The future of VR and AR: Novelty with more use cases?

Virtual and Augmented Reality have had a troubled existence so far. They come with wonderful prospects, bringing in the best of technology for consumers and businesses alike. They present a solid foundation for app developers to build specialised, interactive applications, and yet the growth rate isn’t really billowing out as most headset OEMs would have […]