Mobile Medicine – Replacing Doctors?

Technology has pervaded all spheres of life. Education, design and even sports – all are getting their share of improvement owing to the inclusion of technological advancements and digitisation in the sectors. Healthcare too, has been one of the sectors which has seen a plethora of improvements owing to the incorporation of technological fundamentals within.

Self Tracking in Medicine: Enhancing Healthcare

With the rise in global healthcare costs and the general populace of major developing and developed countries leading fast paced lives, the attention to health becomes one of major importance. Technology is trying to make the healthcare sector more efficient and streamlined, specifically with mHealth and other related concepts. However, it still isn’t enough to […]

The Future of Heart Rate Tracking with AI

Reinventing the wheel isn’t always easy. The sentiment applies more so in the space of sensor tech, wherein the only advancements that can be made are more often in the efficiency of measurement, footprint reduction and more sensitive recording parameters. But then, there’s also the concept of reinventing the applications of the wheel. And that’s […]

Keeping health in check with your smartphone

Lifestyle is an important area in which smartphones are adding value to our lives. Studies have shown that people’s constraint on their cell phones have contributed to obesity and other health-related issues. However, there are plenty of ways to use your smartphone to improve your health. It help you display your physical motion, plan improved meals, and keep […]