Data driven Healthcare: A disruptive landscape?

Let’s be clear about technology for some time: Concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and AR / VR are pretty cool, but until their use cases can be converted from novelty to necessity, they will just remain a fad. This is the fundamental upon which concepts such as Lifelogging and The […]

Quantified Healthcare with Apple’s new CareKit

Apple yesterday unveiled its CareKit framework to help developers build advance health apps, to allow users to track their medical conditions in a more organised way. The CareKit software framework makes it easier for developers to create a better experience for people to understand their health and provide insights based on it. This is a really big […]

Self Tracking in Medicine: Enhancing Healthcare

With the rise in global healthcare costs and the general populace of major developing and developed countries leading fast paced lives, the attention to health becomes one of major importance. Technology is trying to make the healthcare sector more efficient and streamlined, specifically with mHealth and other related concepts. However, it still isn’t enough to […]

Wearable Cameras: Will lifelogging become cool (again) in 2018?

So here’s the thing with wearables in general. When a new one is introduced, it comes with the prospects of new applications and improved use cases. In the consumer oriented space, things might seem to get boring after a while – a smart watch as a notifier might not really be worth it. In the […]