watchOS 4: The Apple Watch is becoming a complete lifestyle & fitness device

When the iPhone launched, it instantly became an integral part of the user’s lifestyle. The Apple Watch initially struggled like most wearables to prove its value to users. Over the last few Apple watchOS updates, it became more and more valuable becoming important for communication, fitness and so much more. watch OS 4 is another […]

Fitness in 2017: Apple Watch, Running and more

Its almost customary for all to have a health and fitness resolution in their bundle of new year’s resolutions. Yet, its hard to keep up with them. 2017 is going to different. Apple Watches and Fitbits have been the biggest gifts of Christmas last year. Exercising regularly sounds really good but, is very difficult to execute. All […]

Apple Watch Series 2: The next frontier in Fitness Trackers?

The last few years has seen an onslaught of fitness trackers and wearables being introduced in the market, with most companies getting their equations right in the form of a balance between functionality and features. But talk about the most hyped wearable out there, and you’ll invariably end up talking about the Apple Watch.

Using Heart Rate Data for a more Quantified Fitness Regime

A common functionality that happens to be shared by most wearables and fitness trackers out there is the ability to measure heart rates. So much so, that this feature is actually making its way to even mobile devices. Heart rate trackers have more than carved a niché for themselves, and are now the most mainstream […]