How Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Wearables

Artificial Intelligence has become a major part in our wearable interaction experience. The whole idea behind Artificial Intelligence is to make a computer, robot, software, or a device think intelligently, in the same way how humans thinks. For years we were relying on mouse and keyboards for input, but with time technology evolved. From laptop touch-pads we […]

What does the future of sports tech look like? Impressions from CES

CES 2018 drew to a close a couple of weeks back, and the spotlight was on Artificial Intelligence, smart cars, and random gadgets which forced us to raise an eyebrow and ask, “Why even?”. But more interestingly, the future of sports and fitness tech was showcased in the form of new sensors and trackers. Gamification […]

Wearable Cameras: Will lifelogging become cool (again) in 2018?

So here’s the thing with wearables in general. When a new one is introduced, it comes with the prospects of new applications and improved use cases. In the consumer oriented space, things might seem to get boring after a while – a smart watch as a notifier might not really be worth it. In the […]