Instant 3.0 Launch: Making Personal Analytics accessible to every smartphone user

Today we are launching Instant 3.0, our team at Emberify has been working on Instant for over a year! We have learnt so much from our users and the Quantified Self community. Apart from automatic, seamless tracking there is more to data. That’s why we built weekly reports using storytelling techniques & some interesting graphs to […]

What does the future of sports tech look like? Impressions from CES

CES 2018 drew to a close a couple of weeks back, and the spotlight was on Artificial Intelligence, smart cars, and random gadgets which forced us to raise an eyebrow and ask, “Why even?”. But more interestingly, the future of sports and fitness tech was showcased in the form of new sensors and trackers. Gamification […]

Key Takeaways from Huawei’s APAC Innovation Day

Huawei’s Asia Pacific Innovation Day took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this year. The keynotes covered some interesting themes from all around the ecosystem focussing on Huawei’s Digital Transformation projects in this region. It was nice to learn how Huawei is collaborating with the entire ecosystem to work on the infrastructure behind smart cities, digital […]