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9 ways Journaling apps beat classic Journals

With the passage of time, our ability to recall certain memories gradually diminishes. Conversations, personal achievements, milestones, feelings, experiences— they all get forgotten eventually, however vivid they seemed to be once upon a time. Journaling can pose as the most effective catharsis; when you write and have a record of what you were feeling or thinking, it’s easier to figure out patterns that have made you happy, motivated or satisfied, it can simply be a place to vent out your frustration and anger. Becoming aware of your feelings and thoughts is on of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. Journaling does not just pose as medium to remind us of our lives, but it reminds us of who we are, as we journey through the process of growing and maturing. So once you’ve decided to keep a journal, you’ll have plenty of options to choose what kind of journal you’d like to keep.

Physical journal books or digital?

I for one, would definitely prefer using a digital journal to document my life. It has lots of upsides in the modern world.

1) It’s Multiplatform

Using a digital journal would enable multi platform writing. Which means you won’t be restricted to using only your PC to write my journal. You can write your entries through your iPhone, tablet, Mac— wherever you have an online connection. So you won’t have to worry about carrying a paper journal everywhere you go.

2) Numerous Editing and Revising Options

Secondly, writing digitally can be so much better than pen and paper as it offers numerous opportunities for editing and revising. Also, if you’re writing a journal to aid you in your writing (if you happen to be an amateur), automatic spellcheck can help you tremendously. You wouldn’t even have to worry about your illegitimate scrawls anymore. Journal apps provide hundreds of fonts to choose from, for those of you with bad handwriting: problem solved.

3) Privacy

If you’ve had a long habit of journaling, you might have experienced situations as a kid (or older) where you had to hide your journal in the closet or under your bed. Journal apps provide password protection, so you can get maximum privacy and write whatever is on your mind.


4) Unlimited Memories

Innovation in technology has enabled a small electronic device to a bulk of information. Volumes of writing, stretching across years can be easily stored in a single application. So if you opt to use E-journals, you need not have to have a box containing your past journals; everything in one place.

5) Index? No more an issue

Digital journals are a bonus if you wanted to reread or archive one of your earlier entries. Paper journals can be laborious and time-consuming to index, whereas journaling apps come with features, which make it easier to filter  & search for previous entries.

6) You can’t lose it!

A paper journal would mean that you don’t have a ‘backup’ in case of certain unfortunate circumstances, like fire, theft or maybe a lost backpack. Cloud backup is probably one of the most advantageous reasons when it comes to picking journal apps over paper journals.

7) Beautiful way to review memories

In most journaling apps your entries are automatically stamped with the date and time, and some features also provide weather and location information, thereby creating a geographical archive as well as a timeline. Which you can view conveniently.

8) Not restricted to text 😊

With digital journaling you’re not restricted to the limitations of your ink, your vivid descriptions can be accompanied with those candid picture you took during that time or geotags of the places you’ve been to so you can watch your pictures and know where they were taken. And it doesn’t stop there! You can add videos, voice tags, GIFs and every other type of media.

9) Easily Adoptable

Digitalising makes journaling more spontaneous and adoptable, as digital journaling isn’t restricted to when you have time to sit down on a table and write; you could be on your way to see a friend and update your journal in the taxi, because that’s how convenient it is. And this also helps you update your journal while your memories are still crisp and vibrant.

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