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6 tips to get the most out of your Instant Quantified Self data

With the latest Instant app, you can lifelog your day seamlessly using your smartphone and even sync data through wearables. Self-tracking is great, but getting value out of your data is important. We compiled a list of few ideas to get better information from your data.

iPhone instagram31 Beat Phone Addiction

Beating phone addiction is essential to be productive. That Snapchat or Instagram notification always keep us going back breaking our entire focus from work. We can set phone usage limits to balance out phone usage and develop a healthy habit of minimising time spent on the phone.

2 Balancing sleep through the week

Good sleep is an essential to stay healthy and be alert throughout the day. Instant tracks your sleep the duration and timings. It also tells you in weekly reports if you are getting the minimum six hours of sleep. Sleep can correlate with productivity and mood.

3 Using places weekly reports

Many lifeloggers like the place tracking and their weekly aggregates to understand the time they are spending at work, at home and other places. It gives an insight on the time you are working.

Instant Reports

4 Walking more than 30 minutes everyday

Walking for 30 minutes daily is a good place to start your journey to fitness. It is like a proverbial apple of some sorts. 30 minutes of a brisk walk can reduce risk to cardiac and other chronic diseases significantly. It is also a good way to stay healthy and improve mood.

5 Correlating data on a spreadsheet

With Instant, you can export your data as a CSV. If you are tracking other parameters like mood, weight, heart rate or anything else manually, you can put it on a spreadsheet and co-relate data with Instant. For example it has been useful to co-relate my sleep & fitness data to my mood tags which I have been maintaining in a csv journal.

6 Keeping check of your stats on your smartwatch

With Instant on your Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch you can get a quick summary on your stats for the day. It will keep you more aware and motivated to achieve your goals.Instagram flat watch ads