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5 ways the iPhone 7 is great for lifelogging

The iPhone 7 was released recently, with many customers getting their hands on this new phone, it is great to see how the new features that make lifelogging so much easier for us.

1) Water resistance

As seen in this new iPhone commercial, rain should never hold a runner or cyclist back. With the new water resistance iPhone 7, it is more accessible in monsoons for fitness enthusiasts.

2) Improved M10 Core Motion Co-Processor

With the new improved M10 co-processor, the iPhone 7 should be able to track fitness activities better. The coprocessor tracks your walking, running, cycling, travel, etc. Apps should have better data. You can check your steps in the Health app.


3) AirPods!


Apple has tried to re-invent wireless earphones with AirPods. They make it easier to access your music and communicate with Siri on the go. It definitely is great for runners and cyclists to access their music.


4) Better Battery Life!

Every lifelogger will find this really useful. Most Quantified Self apps & wearables drain a decent amount of battery to interact with sensors, run in the background or for Bluetooth. That should get better with the iPhone 7’s enhanced battery life.


5) Sleep Tracking with iOS 10 (This one is for all iPhones)

The new clock app has bedtime and wake alarms. This keeps track of your sleep and even stores it in HealthKit for other apps to access. This a handy way of sleep tracking. For something more automatic, you can check Instant.


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