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5 steps for a Quantified Self

Self-tracking/Personal Analytics/Lifelogging/Journalling/Quantified Self… There are many terms out there for tracking yourself to better understand your life. (They all do differ slightly) This is a simple guide you can start your Quantified Self Journey from.

1. Decide what you want to track? You can start with tracking simple things like activity, fitness or other health parameters to productivity, blood glucose levels or even brain activity.

2. Get some apps to help you out. Our app Instant tracks your device/app usage, places, fitness, travel & sleep automatically! That’s a good place to start from. Using your smartphone sensors you can track many things in your life automatically. There are others out there that you can find on the App Stores too.

3. Enter the world of wearables. There are simple wearables like fitness trackers & smartwatches that can cost as low as $10. (Yes the Mi Band) With sensors on your wrist, you can get better and more detailed data. You can track sleep cycles, heart rate, etc.

4. Beyond technology, start tracking more defined parameters that are useful to you. You can get into more niche things like mood tracking, weight tracking, etc. You can journal this information even in an excel spreasheet. Depending on your needs or medical history things like this might prove very beneficial to you.

5. Analyse your data. Analytics are not useful unless the data is being further analysed & understood. Track your weekly/monthly trends, set goals for yourself and achieve them. This is what makes the entire Quantified Self movement effective, it helps us know ourselves better.