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4 Ways the Apple Watch Series 2 is the best Quantified Self wearable

Apple just announced the Apple Watch – Series 2 last week along with the brand new iPhone 7 (Yes, the one without the headphone jacks). While its release was dwarfed by that of the iPhone, the new watch comes with significant upgrades that now make it much better than its predecessor. While it looks the same from the outside, leaving aside the new ceramic and Nike edition off course, they’ve make significant changes under the hood that make it an even better Quantified Self tracker than it was before.

1) Fitness – Swimming / Running / Sleep / Diet

For you fitness freaks out there, this new refresh brought all the features that the original watch lacked in this department and more. It’s a great way to monitor your health, your workouts, and offers you many ways to enhance the quality of your life. Moreover, with its insane 50 m water resistivity, you can swim (Heck, even dive) without having to worry about its longevity. This means not only are you collecting data all the time, but there are also additions to the activities that the watch can track, such as swimming. After having apparently researched with over 600 volunteers, Apple promises to offer excellent and accurate tracking so you can record and analyses your swims. Apart from this, the addition of built in GPS was a great news for all the runners or hikers out there as you can now leave your phone behind and still have a log of your run or your hike.

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2) Health and Diet

Think you’re sleep deprived or a little fat on the stomach? Apart from fitness, you can also quantify and monitor you diet and sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep and proper balanced diet is critical for good health. This is where the Apple Watch and accompanying apps come in to play and help you monitor your sleep cycles and diet patterns so that you can make amends for the better.


3) Finances

Apple watch series 2, like its predecessor, also support Apple Pay. Which means, now only can you pay from your watch, you also have a log of where and how you spent your money. This in turn can help you manage your finances and not wonder mid-way through the month, “Huh, where did I even spend all my money?”.

4) Travel & Rides

Want to know when was the last time you visited your mother? No problem, the watch has got you covered. With the inbuilt GPS, many travelling apps releasing a WatchOS version of their app, it is now easier than ever to keep track of your taxi rides, you air flight or even your bus rides. This in turn can help you make changes to your life on the move.

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