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4 health things to track with iOS 10 & your iPhone 7

Health tracking has been one of the key areas where Apple has had a lead over Google. With the new iPhone 7’s longer battery life & water resistance, health tracking capabilities are taken to the next level. With the new iOS 10, Apple completely redesigned the Health app!

The Health app consolidates data from the iPhone, Apple Watch & third-party apps. The new redesign is focussed around goals and improving the data visuals. The four key areas in the new app:

1 Activity

Apple Health

The health app shows you graphs and data of how many flights you climb, the number of steps you take and your walking + running distance. You can get great visual graphs around your activity too. Apart from that it recommends apps that provide activity insight to Health too.

2 Sleep

iOS 10 sleep

Going to bed & waking up at the same time everyday can help getting the right amount of rest and affect how you feel when you wake up. With iOS 10, Apple has made some major improvements to track sleep. The clock app has a bedtime tab that lets you set your sleep & wake up time which syncs with Health. I personally use Instant, that automatically knows when I sleep & wake up based on the iPhone’s motion. It can sync data from the Health app too!

Instant  – Automatically keep track of the time spent on your phone, while travelling, at places, while sleeping & on fitness activities.

3 Mindfulness

Mental health has been the latest addition to Health which is great for our stressful lives. Apple even launched their own meditation app Breathe on the Apple Watch that helps us to be calm through rhythmic breathing. It is great to see many apps like Headspace can now sync mindful minutes with the Health app


4 Nutrition

When it comes to fitness/health tracking, nutrition is often neglected. Monitoring calorie intake is essential when it comes to weight management. The Health app also gives us a distribution of overall dietary energy, carbohydrates and proteins, getting input from third-party apps.

Quantified Reproductive Health

Apart from these four essential health parameters, the Health app also can also keep track of things like blood sugar, reproductive health, Heart Rate and weight.

The Health app can store all your fitness and health information. It also stores it on iCloud for backup. Apple also introduced CareKit & ResearchKit to let medical researchers gather health data from iPhone users. It also helps track symptoms and medications.

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