The iPhone and Apple Watch can Actually be Life Savers


Ever thought if your smartphone or smartwatch could save your life one day? The Apple Watch comes now featuring SOS can actually help in difficult time by sharing your medical information and getting in touch with emergency services.  Apart from this, Apple has certain built-in emergency features in almost all their products to help in critical situations.


Medical ID in Health App

To make use of your data during the time of emergency, you have to make sure that you have fed your medical condition in Medical ID on the Health App.  It will have your basic information like name, age, date of birth and other details related to your medical conditions, reactions and allergies. Don’t forget to put in emergency contacts like your parents, friends and other significant people. This data will prove to be very useful when medical help arrives if you lose your conscious.  Another important thing one should be aware of is how to access this data when someone is in emergency. You can view it by tapping on emergency on the home screen of the iPhone.

SOS Feature

If you are facing an emergency and urgently need help then all you have to do is long-press the side button on the Apple Watch until the SOS feature kicks in. To call the emergency service you will have to slide the bottom option showing “Emergency SOS”. By chance if you are not able to slide it then continue pressing the side button and at the end of the countdown it will automatically contact the emergency services. But you will need your iPhone nearby to make the call and then you can speak using the watch and ask for help. If you have already set some emergency contacts then the Watch will automatically alert them and send your location using the GPS.
Also the watch screen will display your medical information using you medical ID recorded in HealthKit to assist the ones who have come to your aid. This feature is very beneficial especially for those who are already undergoing some major medical/health issues.

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We all love talking to Siri, but we barely know about how it could help us when we are in urgent situations. You just have to ask Siri to call 911 or any other emergency number and it will do it without you having to touch your phone. It’s considered to be very helpful if you have fallen or have a wound and aren’t able to grab or touch the phone. A countdown will appear before dialing the contact, if it’s really an emergency then you can tap on ‘call’ for faster connection and by chance if it was a mistake then you can withdraw the call. Whereas if you can grab your device then you have to press and hold the bottom button of the watch and it will connect you with the emergency center using the SOS feature we saw earlier.

There is one live example showcasing how apple saved a life. According to a report by Sun, A man named Dennis Anselmo in his 60s was working in the garden. In between his work he started feeling distressed. He thought it was just a fever but it got worst. He and his helper were building fence and post lunch they got back to work. He started to feel weaker and thought of heading back home but all of a sudden he felt all over the place. As he was habitual of checking his heart rate on his Apple watch, his normal heart rate is 50bmp but he saw his heart rate measuring 210bpm which was shocking as such a shoot up in heart rate could denote a heart attack. Immediately he was taken to a hospital and got operated to clear the entire blockage in the arteries. Luckily he rushed to the hospital rather than home because if he went home and took rest like others do then there were chances of him suffering the same thing and this time it could take his life away.

This is just one incident, there have been other incidents too where Apple has saved life and hopefully it will continue to in future. It’s good to see so many advancements in technology which are not only monitoring our health and life but saving it too!

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